1130-12V: ABL QH3 Series: 12V, 55W, 4A, 3x5 Flood Pattern

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ABL QH3 Series: 12V, 55W, 4A, 3x5 Flood Pattern

ABL QH3 Series: 12V, 55W, 4A, 3x5 Flood Pattern

The Q H3 02 Series work lamps provide optimal light at the most economical value. Sold by the millions, the Q H3 02 family has firmly established itself as a standard work light for demanding users.

  • Bulb: H3 bulb, 55W
  • Light pattern: Flood
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Intensity: 4 Amp @ 12V
  • Water Tightness:
    • IP54 for Grommet
    • IP65 for specific cable, built-in connectors and compression seals
  • Operating Temp: -40°C to +85°C
  • Salt Spray: ISO 9227
  • Housing: Black Fibre Reinforced Plastic
  • Lens: Hardened glass
  • Dimensions: 6.1" W x 3.74" H x 3.38" D (4.9" H to bottom of bracket)
  • Built with Pride in the USA


Translectric Item NumberManufacturer Part NumberManufacturer
1130-12V 178345A1 CASE
1130-12V 9703036 CASE
1130-12V 87435762 CASE
1130-12V 73158750 CASE
1130-12V 87435763 CASE
1130-12V 87435764 CASE
1130-12v 430504A1 CASE
1130-12V 430505A1 CASE
1130-12V 432446A1 CASE
1130-12V BN66131 CASE
1130-12V 398847A3 CASE
1130-12V 398846A3 CASE
1130-12V 430506A1 CASE
1130-12V 87317577 CASE
1130-12V 87388518 CASE
1130-12V 865155123 CASE
1130-12V 87435765 CASE
1130-12V 87435766 CASE
1130-12V 87435767 CASE
1130-12V BN324749 CASE
1130-12V 87658393 CASE
1130-12V 87558381 CASE
1130-12V 804686 MANITOU
1130-12V 9Z-7324 CATERPILLAR
1130-12V 105-8070 CATERPILLAR
1130-12V 205-9976 CATERPILLAR
1130-12V 242-3520 CATERPILLAR
1130-12V 242-3522 CATERPILLAR
1130-12v RE48989 JOHN DEERE
1130-12V RE51076 JOHN DEERE
1130-12V RE64465 JOHN DEERE
1130-12V RE61164 JOHN DEERE
1130-12V RE61201 JOHN DEERE
1130-12V F309105 JOHN DEERE
1130-12V 109111 MACDON
1130-12V 87435763 CASE
1130-12V 335942A1 CASE
1130-12V 1987490C1 CASE
1130-12V 308604A1 CASE
1130-12V 327300A1 CASE
1130-12V 87658381 CASE
1130-12V 10165536 JLG
1130-12V RE64465 JOHN DEERE
1130-12V AM1130-0505
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